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Hello. My name is Kerry.

The whole thing started with the dog park.  I serve on the board for my local dog park and we were thinking of innovative, fun, and interactive ways people could do Santa and other holiday photos with their pets--as a fundraiser.  We started with the flipbook idea (brilliant by the way). Then one thing led to another and viola, I am now the proud owner of a Mirror Me, giant selfie photo booth!

Truth be told, I have been event planning and hosting informal photo booths at neighborhood events for years. With makeshift props, hashtag signs, chalkboards, instant photo printers, your name it--I have been working smiles out of folks since birth.  Couple that with my appreciation of the selfie craze, marketing and branding knowledge,  and the whole thing makes sense.  

My team and I are looking forward to brining a smile to your face. 

Cheers, Kerry

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